Looking for better people?

We can help. We’ll find the right talent for your tough-to-fill positions; roles that are key to building your success.

  • Spend less time interviewing candidates – especially the wrong ones.
  • Focus on getting work done – let us worry about finding talented professionals.
  • Improve ROI by hiring the right people the first time – and increasing retention.
  • Train your employees, not your recruiting partner – we’ve been at this for a couple of decades.

Accounting, office and engineering staffing and recruitment.

Hire better. Hire faster.
Put AtWork Professional to work for you.


Career placement

AtWork Professional doesn’t just find higher-quality candidates. We vet them to ensure a perfect fit. And we guarantee our work for the first 90 days.

Executive search

The right leaders can make all the difference to your organization’s success. AtWork Professional targets executives currently looking for new challenges and those who might need a little coaxing. Tailored search strategies and long-term relationships are the key to your success – and ours.

Screen to hire

Surprises are great for birthdays. Not so much for hiring. AtWork Professional’s contract-to-perm option lets you evaluate our associates on the job before deciding to hire them, reducing your risk of making a bad hire.

Contract staffing

Manage unpredictable demand, peak workloads or special projects with contract staffing. If one of our associates is not up to the task, let us know. We will replace them at no charge within the first 24 hours.


Love using contract employees, but hate making time to manage them? AtWork Professional can handle your large contract workforce for you. We provide an on-site manager to work at your facility coordinating your entire flexible workforce.